Cure 1 month


Composition Actifs UnityPour 1 stick (5g)*% VNR** pour 1 stick
Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera ) (mg) 280//
Of which: proanthocyanidines(mg)221,3 //
Concentrated acérola Jus (Malpighia punicifolia L. ou Malpighia glabra L.) (mg)90//
Of which: vitamin C(mg)1215%
Hydrolyzed fish collagen(mg)1500//
Sodique salt of hyaluronique acid(mg)13//
Of which: hyaluronique acid (mg)10,2//



Tell us about your experience with the treatment:

  • How long have you been taking L‚Äôor Divin?
  • What effects have you noticed on the quality of your skin?
  • What benefits have you felt?


My own experience with L’or Divin, by Paolina:

After only one month of treatment:

  • When¬†I¬†wake¬†up¬†my¬†skin¬†feels¬†well¬†hydrated¬†and¬†softer
  • The¬†feeling¬†of¬†softness¬†and¬†comfort¬†lasts¬†all¬†day
  • My¬†skin¬†is¬†plumped¬†and¬†smooth
  • My¬†complexion¬†is¬†brighter
  • At¬†the¬†same¬†time,¬†I¬†notice¬†that¬†my¬†nails¬†are¬†less¬†brittle¬†¬†


After three months of treatment:

  • The¬†fine¬†lines¬†at¬†the¬†corners¬†of¬†my¬†eyes¬†have¬†faded,
  • My¬†skin¬†is¬†bright¬†and¬†with¬†a¬†healthy¬†glow,
  • Skin¬†is¬†well¬†hydrated¬†and¬†smooth
  • On¬†the¬†plus¬†side,¬†my¬†hair¬†has¬†more¬†density¬†and¬†my¬†nails¬†are¬†stronger¬†

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