The founder

Paolina Skincare was born from a passionate belief that beauty begins from within.

It is this holistic vision that inspires Paolina to imagine an “inside-out” line of cosmetics that

preserve the skin’s youthful radiance. This innovative approach consisting of oral
supplements that treat the skin from within is complemented by creams for a comprehensive
anti-aging treatment.

Paolina Skincare invents new beauty gestures.

Paolina imagines a new way of understanding the beauty routine for today’s active,
industrious women. She strongly values the creation of a simple, quick, and effective product
that contains all the elements necessary for beautiful, healthy skin.

Paolina Skincare: an expert line inspired by its creator.

Paolina’s rich academic and professional background focuses on 3 areas of expertise:
nutrition, beauty, and oenology. This multifaceted, young female entrepreneur brings together
her 3 passions in her clean skincare line, which combines cosmetics and nutricosmetics with
the powerful antioxidant benefits of grapes.

Sommelier by trade, Paolina knows the great therapeutic value of grapes for the body. The
extraordinary antioxidant powers of grape polyphenols help preserve the youthfulness of the
skin by fighting against free radicals. She incorporates this golden ingredient into her skincare
routine to daily benefit from its anti-aging wonders.

This is how L’or Divin was born. It is the first-ever supplement over-concentrated in grape
polyphenols, making it an effective, all-in-one treatment that protects and nourishes the skin
from within.

This new essential beauty gesture is the first in the Paolina Skincare range.

A few words about the founder.

Paolina was born in Mexico and raised in a multicultural family. She went on to continue her
studies in the United States and France. After a professional career in oenology, she became a
sommelier and decided to settle in Bordeaux to pursue her professional and personal goals.

Paolina now fully devotes herself to her two passions: wine and beauty. It is from Bordeaux
that she launches her long-awaited brand: Paolina Skincare.